Our day to day lives wouldn't be the same without the supply chain, and supply chain wouldn’t be the same without logistics.

However, what triggers the 21st century question is would life be the same without digitalization? Growing rapidly, the Internet and modern technology swept the world by its feet and the world population quickly became addicted to the use of digital solutions.

Transport and logistics are sure to take the benefits from this increased consumption of digital technology. How was the digital transformation adapted throughout the years by the logistics industry?  The answer is: not fast enough! Even though most logistics businesses know the essence and the meaning of being on time, it was only these past few years the logistics industry started to take over the digital world. Digital landscape offers so many opportunities if used right, starting from DATA.

Logistics businesses collect so much information data on a daily basis and if used right with the help of AI it can lead to new insights, improve route optimization and minimize travel costs, enable better view to demand forecasting, etc. What else? Digital tracking is old news but it is definitely one of the most helpful tools brought by the digital wave!

Thanks to the Internet the communication got better - email and the apps used for communication are priceless. The many softwares 3PL businesses use to find clients more easily and to seek free carriers are a big plus. If technology is implemented right it can improve the working system and make it a lot easier for the employees to fill the many needed and mandatory documents. Discussing all things together, it is defined that logistics solutions are no longer possible without digital solutions.

It is necessary for all logistics companies to invest in technology and in educating their employees about how to use tech solutions in their interest, especially how to implement the digital tools in their daily tasks.  We, in BE-DA Logistics, are well synchronized with this digital movement and not only we do forward-moving, we do forward-thinking. So, if you ever are in need of organized logistics and transport solutions, our team is ready on the go and here to provide you the best experience.