BE-DA Logistics is a third-party logistics company, providing transport and logistics solutions since 2011. We take care for every step of the way by providing guidance, quality and timing. All of this is powered by our professional team of transport & logistics agents.

We make movement organised. Our main job is to connect companies to customers, providing transport for business and securing storage in warehouses for client’s goods from all over Europe for Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and the whole Balkans and vice versa.

Our strategy

A satisfied customer is our business strategy.

BE-DA Logistics is your modern logistics company if you are looking for a partner who is practicing technology on their own and their client’s advantage.

We are always investing in the now and in the future to ensure consistency
and increase visibility.

We do love to make the whole process simple as it can get. We prefer to look the challenges straight in the eye, as we always meet them in real time.


BE-DA Logistics was established in 2011, opening its doors in Skopje, N. Macedonia and since then tirelessly starting to move businesses forward to their desired destination.

As we moved throughout the years, we managed to gain the trust of over 1.000 companies in 37 countries.

In 2016, we've opened our office in Durrës, Albania, a work place, which is also filled with lovely and trained agents with passion for transport & logistics.

We don't stop moving, in 2021, once again, we are responding to the need of a proven and professional service on the market and we are opening our new office in Kosovo.